The Fight for Life in the Face of U.S. Necropower

  • Ariadna Estévez Centro de Investigaciones sobre América del Norte, UNAM


Necropower, defined as that which is capable of producing and administering death, has its highest First-World expression in the United States and is characterized by facilitating the use of technologies for death to nativist groups, neo-Nazis, supremacists, and groups who are anti-immigrant, anti-abortion, and pro-arms sales, among others. This article looks at the case of the Afro-American community in the United States to show how the country, led by Donald Trump, maintains a necropower that is only distinguished from post-colonial states in its use of law to create spaces for death instead of using legal exceptions. The author also underlines the role of the #BlackLivesMatter movement as a path for resistance in favor of life.

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Estévez, A. (2019). The Fight for Life in the Face of U.S. Necropower. Norteamérica, Revista Académica Del CISAN-UNAM, 14(2).